Sculptural Shell – Bow London UK

I was commissioned through East Thames and Bow Arts to design a sculptural feature for the courtyard of a new housing complex and art studio site, Payne Road in Bow East London.

The concept is based on the excavation that went on in the area at the time due to major regeneration for the London Olympic 2012 sites. It is a large flat shell structure based on the New Zealand paua shell. A sculptor fabricated the shell from my designs by constructing a resin mold and cement cast the shape ready to be covered in mosaic.

The idea was to show the inverse of a mosaic in three-dimensional form that might be discovered and unearthed in way the future. What relics of the time are indicative of East London circa 2010? I worked with children from the local area to design motifs based on East End landmarks and familiar sights.

As well as images typical of old East End like jellied eels, the Bow Bells and pearly Kings and Queens we wanted to depict modern day ‘treasures’ such as favorite trainers, iPods and the Big Brother eye!

top view

backside view

front view

'east end' motifs

studio fabrication

shell delivery

moving shell

old relics detail

modern motifs


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