Sapopema Steps Sao Paulo Brazi

Sapopema Steps Community Mosaic. Sao Paulo, Brazil


Warm tropical flavours. Community spirit. A sense of movement using texture and colour to feel gradual flow. Clever use of composition. Realising vision with the fullest flavour of cultural integration. Fusions of spirit and folklore. Lush hues of turquoise, rich emerald greens and golds.

Ceramics. Mosaics

Silver Mosaics is the world of Rachel Silver a mosaic artist.  Stemming from New Zealand her heart has embraced craft and community.  Her talent to translate any brief is with vigour, finery and care. From facilitating educational projects to fine tuning bespoke commissions, she applies with attention to detail and personalises with experience and expertise.

Silver’s passion for learning and zest for creative collaborations with local communities has resulted in extensive travel to all parts of the Globe.  Empowered with stories of the world she draws her talents together, amalgamating mosaic art bursting with warmth, fluidity and visual narrative.